Click on photo for more Bet-lehem news and photos

Click on photo for more Bet-lehem news and photos

We are missionaries serving in church planting and leadership development with United World Mission. Our ministry began back in 1988 with the planting of one church, Iglesia Bautista Bet-lehem, in Chiconautla, which is located in Mexico City’s northeastern metropolitan area. Manuel continues to serve as Senior Pastor of Bet-lehem Chiconautla, and for many years this church has served as a base for ministry projects and leadership development.

Church-planting teams have gone out from this church to several parts of Mexico City’s metro area and beyond, including La Presa, Nexquipayac, La Purísima, Irapuato, La Guadalupana, Tecámac, Tizayuca, Héroes Tecámac, La Magdalena Panoaya and the state of Puebla.

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Daughter churches of Bet-lehem Chiconautla that are officially established and functioning under Mexican leadership:

Jesús, Nuestro Pan de Vida in La Presa, pastored by Ignacio (& Ana Lilia) López

Iglesia Bet-lehem del Parque in Tizayuca, Hidalgo, pastored by Domingo Zamudio

Uno Más en Cristo in Héroes Tecámac, currently under the leadership of John & Tracey Pieters along with a Mexican leadership team

Other satellite churches that have been added to the Bet-lehem network:

Iglesia Bautista Cristiana Betesda in Nicolás Romero, pastored by Leví & Dámaris Vázquez

Iglesia Bautista Peniel in Polígonos, Ecatepec, pastored by Juan García Perea

Current church-in-formation:

Misión Bet-lehem in San Pablo Anicano, Puebla, under the leadership of Chiconautla missionaries Agapito & Elsa Osorio

Manuel meets weekly with leaders from most of these churches for Bible study, sharing, and leadership development activities. He also serves as president of the board of our sector of Baptist churches (about 135 churches) and as part of the alliance of local pastors in Chiconautla.

We also enjoy hosting summer teams who do short-term ministry with us while living with local church families. Interested? Let us know!