About Bet-lehem

Manuel has served as Senior Pastor of Iglesia Bautista Bet-lehem in Chiconautla since it was founded in December 1990. It all began with a visit to one woman interested in the Bible. Manuel offered a Bible study in her home, and soon she and her husband became Christians and started sharing with friends and neighbors. The midweek Bible study grew into a Sunday service and had to move into a larger home across the street. This church now holds 3 Sunday services attended by around 300 people. As most members are first generation Christians, much of our ministry focuses on one-on-one discipleship.

Bet-lehem News

On October 18, 2015, we celebrated Bet-lehem's 25th anniversary! We had a morning service for local people (about 450), a meal of carnitas, an afternoon service for our daughter churches and others (about 300 people), and another meal! Around 1080 plates of food were served (including many neighbors) from the 530 lbs. of meat prepared (and 326 lbs. of tortillas!). There was also a children's program during the morning sermon, as you'll see in the pictures. 

The week before the celebration, we held special evening services, did public service workshops, and prepared everything for Sunday. Here are some pictures of that week, and below is a slideshow of Sunday's events. What a joy to remember God's faithfulness these last 25 years!! May His church continue to grow and always be a light in Chiconautla!