Here is a list of our churches. Thank you for praying for the staff and ministries of each one!

Iglesia Bet-lehem in Chiconautla

  • Pastoral couple Manuel & Laura Vivanco

Iglesia Jesús, Nuestro Pan de Vida (Jesus, Bread of Life) in La Presa

  • Pastoral couple Ignacio & Ana Lilia López

Iglesia El Cielo Cuenta Contigo (Heaven is Counting on You) in Tizayuca

  • Pastoral couple Domingo & Teresa Zamudio (Teresa is fighting cancer and Mike & Nancy Palumbo are filling in for them meanwhile)

Iglesia Uno Más en Cristo (One More in Christ) in Héroes, Tecámac

  • Pastoral couple Francisco & Miriam Ventura (with assistance in church planting and leadership development from John & Tracey Pieters)

Church plant in San Pablo Anicano, Puebla

  • Chiconautla missionaries Agapito & Elsa Osorio